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Mass Communication and Educational Institutions

Times are changing, technology is changing at a rapid pace, and we need to adapt accordingly. One of the benefits that come with the evolution of technology is instant bulk communication sent from one central online platform.

Seems simple enough, doesn’t it, but discovering that not many organizations are actually taking advantage of this has left me with one question; why not?

For the purpose of this post, I have decided to focus on Educational Institutions and how they might benefit from online communications systems.

Our recent pandemic has caused quite a few disruptions to educational schedules, and while we’re all trying to get used to the new normal, there have been multiple hiccups. Per example; a recent strike regarding service delivery had left a relative stranded on the morning they had an examination scheduled. She ended up deciding not to go to school as this was the safer option. The school had the option to move the exam date, as the majority of students were affected by the ongoing situation, however, they had no means to mass communicate with the students.  

An option to consider, especially for an educational institution, would be a bulk communication tool that can be used to inform students and parents of schedule changes, registration days, examination days, and/or outstanding fees. The students themselves don’t have to possess expensive smart phone technology, as these systems send basic SMS text messages.

The same system can also be used to send out communication to staff, informing them of meetings, changes in schedules, external situations that may affect their classes etc.

SMSolutions can do exactly that and so much more. Users have the ability to send relevant information out to thousands of students from their desktops/work stations, all they will need is an internet connection and SMS credits. The tool comes with the option to create message templates from pre-existing data fields and also to schedule messages to send out at relevant times.

As an education institution, or business in general, isn’t it time you rethought the way you communicate?

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